Brass Collapsible Adventure Filter Brewer


This is the Ultimate Travel Coffee Brewer!

Virtually Indestructible Collapsible Brass Pour Over Filter Holder.

I found this little Brewer a few years ago, at The Bunker in Westport. I bought out their entire inventory to share with my friends in the Coffee Lands. I’ve been on a quest to find a reliable source since then, and when I gave away the very last one in my pocket to a friend, the situation became dire.

This is the perfect way to make coffee when you just can’t make it into the Broadway.
All you need is a Cup (Semaphore Camp Mug works well)
A Filter, Ground Coffee, and Hot Water.

I personally guarantee this little brewer will make your mornings, afternoons, and nights fully caffeinated!
Jonathan M. Cates, Jr.



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13-16 bags = $24.00

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Weight 12 oz